Veterinary Energy Booster Liquid (POWERCOOL)

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Gluconeogenic Precursors for veterinary Enerboost is an energy booster and helps. in initial level of ketosis treatment.It is very effective to decrease milk ketone level and increase milk production of lactating animals. Very essential for healthy metabolism and health of liver.

Feuli Life Sciences brings the best of the kind Veterinary Energy Booster liquid.

Powercool 1ltr

प्रसव के बाद पहले दिन दो बार 200 मि.ली.
और उसके बाद 3-4 दिन तक रोज़ 2 बार
100 मि.ली. मौखिक रूप से पिलाकर या
खाने में मिलाकर देना है |

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